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The Keys are an archipelago which starts at Key Largo and ends at Key West stretching on about 120 miles between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

The destination is famous for fishing, boating, and snorkeling but also for the beautiful sunsets and the Key Lime pie THE local specialty 😉


Islamorada is located between MM 90,5 and 70 on the Keys Road. Approximately 2 hours from Miami Beach it is a good step for a weekend.


A little summary of our time there.

We left Miami around 10am on Saturday morning and we arrived at lunch time at Robbie’s of Islamorada (MM 77,5).


Robbie’s is an institution there and is very authentic. You can enjoy the marketplace, eat grilled fishes and other American specialties at the restaurant. You can also rent boat, jet ski, kayak… And for $4 you can feed wild tarpons and sharks but remain vigilant with the pelicans (they can bite).

We really spend a great time there! You do not feel to be 2 hours from Miami!


Unfortunately, we had a misadventure when we arrived at the hotel we first booked, Chesapeake Beach Resort. The front desk staff was awful with us, and they did not want to let us in. Furthermore, they advertise on a breakfast which is no more than a grocery bag to pick up at the lobby and the hotel is old. So please don’t book this Hotel!!!

So, after one hour of discussion, we had to leave, and we found another Motel on the road. Not the best in town, but with a good value for money, nice staff, clean rooms, a pool and breakfast included: the Hadley House. Perfect for the night with the kids.

We remained there at the swimming pool the rest of the afternoon.

It is not easy to find a good hotel in Islamorada. They are very expensive, and the service is not always as good as it should be for that level of prices.


For the sunset, we found an amazing spot: Morada Bay (MM 81,6).

A large space with tables in the sand, music, live band, good food.

The kids played in the sand while we just chilled, enjoying the view and good cocktails!

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed the pool again then we had lunch at Marker 88 (MM88).

I felt in love with this place!

It is a very nice and charming beach. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed (I do not know why) but the place is perfect for lunch and staying the afternoon. Food is amazing and it is easy to be there with children.

Then time to go home….

Next time we plan to rent a boat. There are rental companies everywhere

One of the few drawbacks of Islamorada is the difficulty to find beach access except from resorts… and it is a little bit frustrating…

Nevertheless, I recommend this destination. If you do not have time during your trip to drive to Key West, Islamorada is a very good spot to see The Keys!

what do you think about this sunday with Travelkitds in Islamorada?

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