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We Rent Strollers, High Chairs And All The Equipment Your Child Needs


Why Travelkitds ?

Rental is the best solution for family vacations.

No need to choose between our stuffs and kid’s ones. We travel light and in peace! 

Voyage leger avec Travel Kitds Miami

Travelkitds was created for all those families which travel with young children.

Our rental products selection is the key because we want the best for our families. Frequently, the material rented is in poor condition… At Travelkitds, we guarantee the quality, cleanliness, and security of all our products. And parents can discover new Child care brands with us like babyzen, stokke, babybjorn and more !

Furthermore, we want to provide the same comfort as home for our customers during their stay in Miami. That’s why we created several kits with all your needs for different key moment of your kid’s day:

  • Lunch time for every age, with the Baby bottle milk kit, the Breast-feeding kit, or the Baby soup kit with inside babycook, sterilizer, warm bottle,  high chair, containers, breast pump.
  • The bath with the Infant and Toddler bathroom kits with bath toys, bathtub, potty, wipes, diapers
  • Bedtime with the different options of the Sleeping kit, crib, pack’n play, or bedside sleeper, babyphone, story book..
  • And because we are in Miami, obviously the Beach kit!

Thus, no need to run to the first grocery store to buy diapers, soap and shampoo. No need to bring industrial soups or sleeping bags… Our kits offer a great service, for a lighter travel!

Travelkitds is the solution for great vacations


Viajar con mis hijos gracias a Travel Kitds Miami


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