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Activities For Kids In Miamisunday With Travelkitds. Zoo Miami. Travel Kitds.


We are a family with 3 young children (5,3,1 years old). We moved in Miami 2 years ago. We want to discover our lovely new city with you. One of our first activity when we arrived was a Sunday with Travel Kitds at Zoo Miami.


Zoo Miami is almost 1 hour drive from our house in Miami Beach, but kids love it, so do we!

You should book your ticket online to avoid the line before and be sure that you can get in with the Covid restrictions.

You can also rent safari cycles:

For your information the zoo is really huge, so it’s better to get a cycle if your children are old enough, or don’t forget your strollers or scooter. Rent it online because they only have a few. You will be lucky to rent one without reservation!

There, you can stay all day long, but if you want to visit the zoo partially, you should foresee a minimum of 4 hours.

Enclosures are really big and the zoo provide really good conditions to the animals.

Monkeys, lions , elephants… all animals are beautiful.

Activities for kids in miamisunday with travelkitds. zoo miami. travel kitds.

We used to have lunch at the fast food restaurant. There you have plenty of choices for you and your kids (burgers, pizzas…). To be honest it’s not the best food we got in Miami but it’s convenient.

There is also a water park, it’s perfect when the weather is too hot!

One great attraction: you can feed the giraffes. You have to be patient, there is sometime a big line, but it’s very spectacular!

We really appreciate the Miami zoo. It’s a very good activity to do with children and one of the most beautiful we did in the world!


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