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Next week we are going on vacation like a lot of families at this time of the year.

We decided to go to Georgia. We live in the US for almost 3 years and with the covid we couldn’t travel a lot.

I read, « Gone with the wind » from Margaret Mitchell few months ago, and I’m so impatient to discover the beautiful and historic cities of Savannah, Charleston… and there is also Tallulah Falls which seems so amazing!


We were looking for other landscapes, different from the beach and the palm trees (sorry about that ;-)). So that’s why we choose this destination.


Prior to the departure I had to prepare the suitcases for the whole family… What a nightmare!!!!

As you know we are a family with 3 kids of 5,3 and 1 year old… So more than clothes we also need pack n play, 2 strollers, board ,a baby carrier back pack, toys, food, diapers, wipes, bottle and many more… 

I don’t know how I will manage to pack everything, it’s a big challenge and it’s very stressful!


When I prepared my travel, I had to change the hotel reservations several times, because some of them didn’t offer to get a pack’n play in the room. And at 14 months old, it’s impossible to sleep in a « classic » bed.  And we can’t travel with our own pack n play in the plane (we already bring the strollers, the carrier backpack). I finally found some hotels, which were not my first choices, and which were much more expensive!


We also need a car for this road trip. Unfortunately, the rental company cannot guarantee the availability of a car seat upon our arrival, and we were not allowed to book it online!  

The only solution is to add an extra luggage (with obviously an extra cost), and to bring our own car seat to avoid any complications at the airport with 3 little kids.


I know for sure that we will enjoy our vacation, but it’s so stressful to set up everything.


We love to travel with the children, who start to be old enough to remember our journeys. And even if we know how big the challenge is to organize that, we won’t stop doing it!


To be honest I would love to find Travel Kitds in every city! Families travelling to Miami are lucky 😉


What do you think about that? What are you travel with kids experiences?

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